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Zenith is a complete and fully integrated solution. It is especially designed to fulfil the needs of full service and low cost carriers, positioning your airline in this highly competitive market. It provides an array of functionalities catered for you and your valuable customers. It gives your staff greater flexibility in making business in order for them to achieve the highest standards.


Our hassle-free web based solution mirrors an ever changing environment and our hi-tech experts endeavour to constantly develop new technological advances. It is a complete airline management solution; fully integrated solution offering global management control over your airline's Inventory, Fares, Sales, Operations (DCS) and Revenue Management. It also includes an Internet Booking Engine, an IATA compliant E-ticketing functionality, and is entirely connected to most GDS's.


Zenith can provide your airline with codeshare and interline capabilities.


This user friendly solution gives your staff more time to focus on your customers' satisfaction, hence increase repeat business.


Other functionalities:

  • Inventory, Reservation, Ticketing
  • Ancillary Sales
  • Webservices (B2B, B2C, B2T)
  • DCS with web check-in
  • Kiosk check-in
  • Mobile applications
  • Revenue Managements



And more!


Travel Technology Interactive is recognized by IATA as an StB preferred partner for E-ticketing since 2006. 

Become 100% IATA E-ticketing compliant as soon as possible!


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